Here are some facts about ticks you probably don’t know!

Here are some facts about ticks you probably didn't know...

 1.  Ticks are officialy arachnids, meaning they are closer to spiders and scorpions than they are to insects.

 2.  Ticks use “sense” organs to detect their prey. They can detect the scent, carbon dioxide and heat of their next host and they lie in wait in nearby vegetation before crawling onto a limb.

 3.  There are more than 850 species of ticks on Earth, all of which feed from blood.

 4.  About 100 species of ticks carry and transmit disease

 5.  Pets can contract multiple diseases from a tick bite.

 6.  Ticks do not fly or jump. They tend to crawl onto a host from the tips of grasses and bushes.

 7.  Ticks feed from the blood of humans, birds, reptiles and wild and domesticated animals.

 8.  Never remove a tick with your bare hands. It is better to use tweezers or forceps to grasp the tick at the base where it connects to the skin and pull gently.

 9.  Ticks can appear as a small black speck on your dog's fur, but they grow in size when they are attached and start to drink blood.

 10.  A bite from some ticks can cause certain allergies in humans and animals.