Feeling a bit lonely for this Valentine's Day? We can prove why a furry valentine is better than any other and the many ways your pet can say “I love you!” this Valentine’s Day!


• Brings you presents - whether it is a dead mouse or a headless bird, this is a 'gift', albet not always an appreciated one!
• Head butts you - he is depositing facial pheromones on you and wants to leave his scent to claim you - it's a sign of affection.
• He flashes his tummy at you - this signifies your cat is happy to lie in a more vulnerable position and feels completely safe around you.
• Your cat kneads you - by massaging you with his paws he leaves his pheromones on you - you are loved!


• Brings you his squeaky toys - even if they are covered in slobber, you should accept this as a slimy sign of affection!
• Makes eye contact with you - prolonged eye contact means your dog feels safe and secure with you.
• Licks your face frantically - this one is self explanatory, you are getting the doggy equivalent of a kiss!
• Yawns when you yawn - it is thought that when a dog yawns after a human he is showing empathy.