Giving quality food with high level nutrients is the key to longevity and quality of life for both humans and dogs alike! Ideally, your dog’s diet should include the six classes of nutrients for optimum health.

As simple as it sounds, water is vital to keeping your dog healthy and hydrated. It counts for 60 – 70% of their body weight and just a reduction of 10% can cause serious illness and dehydration. 15% reduction can be fatal!
Dry food typically contains 10% moisture, while wet food has 78%, but the best way to keep your dog hydrated is simply giving a bowl of fresh, clean water!

Providing your dog with food that contains animal-based meat like chicken, lamb, beef, fish, turkey and eggs will give their diet that boost of whole proteins. These proteins are the basis for health, supporting growth, maintanence, reproduction and repair.

Think of fats as food energy and they are vitally important to keeping the body functioning smoothly. Reducing healthy fats like linoleic acid may reduce growth and increase skin problems. They also maintain healthy cell structure, production of some hormones and help absorb certain vitamins.

Dreaded carbs are often cut out of many human diets, but similar to our health, our dogs actually need them! They provide energy to critical organs, such as the brain, and play a vitally important role in keeping the intestine healthy and functioning properly.

Fibers make a big difference to the bacteria in the small intestine, meaning less diarrhea, flatulence and excess mucus. The perfect fibre for dogs is moderately fermentable fibre, like beet pulp, which best promotes a healthy gut. WARNING: High fibre foods are not good for dogs with high energy levels.

Small amounts of vitamins are sometimes necessary for dogs, but the the majority are obtained in the diet. Pet Guardian’s pet foods contain nutritionally balanced and complete combinations and extra vitamin supplements are not necessary. Over-supplementation can be dangerous to any creature so please consult your vet before adding any supplement to your dog’s diet.

Last, but not least, minerals must be obtained via the diet for all animals and are vital for our dog’s bones, teeth, metabolism and overall wellbeing.

Pet Guardians offers many options for giving your dog or cat a complete and balanced diet through quality pet foods from manufacturers such as Hill's Science Diet, Hill's Prescription Diet, Royal Canin, Advance and more! Please seek advice from your vet before making a change in your pet’s diet.