KNOWING ARTHRITIS SIGNS IN YOUR PET WILL MAKE A WORLD OF DIFFERENCEArthritis is a nasty disease. It sneaks up on our pets and always seems to rear it's ugly head as the weather starts to cool down.

Many people put the signs of arthritis down to "getting old" but have you ever thought that your pet might actually be in pain?

Remember - your pet doesn't necessarily have to have a limp to be suffering from arthritis as some of the symptoms are subtle.


  • Landing in a heap when jumping down
  • Hesitant to jump down from your lap or from the furniture
  • Reluctant to climb fences or trees
  • Scruffy/matted coat - no longer able to groom easily


  • Stiff and sore when getting up - mostly in the morning
  • Trouble jumping up onto furniture or into the car
  • Behaviour changes - growling/grumpy when joints are touched
  • Muscle loss especially over spine, hips and around hind legs

The good news is there are plenty of tools available to help your arthritic pet become more mobile and pain-free. Your vet will put a treatment plan in place and slow down the progression of this disease before your pet's quality of life is affected.

The month of May is a great time to arrange an arthritis check up with your vet to make sure your pet isn't suffering with any unnecessary pain.

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