You hear that familiar sound which means your beloved fur baby is about to bring up whatever is in their stomach and it’s panic stations!

But if you have managed to get them outside in time you’re now worried about what has caused them to be sick...

Once it has happened it is easy to think that there is something seriously wrong with them, whether your mind goes to a virus, food poisoning from something they picked up on their walk or too much chewing down on their favourite toy.

There are a few reasons why your pet has been sick and if it’s only once then the simple fact is that they may have eaten their meal too quickly. This is very common for multi-pet households, where the competition is high to eat every morsel before there’s any chance of it being stolen by a fur brother or sister. This is especially so for dogs and can be combatted with something very simple, a slow feeding bowl which makes it more difficult for them to chow down too quickly.

Cats can also suffer the occasional vomit, but the cause can also be a hairball that they feel they simply must bring up on your favourite rug or carpet ;).

We recommend that after your pet has been sick to try and reduce any water intake for an hour or two afterwards. While you think it is what they need to remove any acidic aftertaste, the swelling of the stomach can often cause another bout of vomiting.

The occasional vomit is not a big deal if they are still looking lively and continue to have a good appetite. If you notice more frequent vomiting please take them to your veterinarian for a check over.