Why Is My Cat Doing That?Cats are unique creatures and they will occasionally display certain behaviours that you need to watch out for as it can be an indication that something else is going on.

Last week we talked about the signs and treatment methods for separation anxiety in dogs, so we thought this week we'd have a look at our feline friends!

Here are a couple of behaviours to be aware of:


The act of spraying involves a cat backing up to a vertical surface such as the wall, a piece of furniture, or curtains (usually about 20cm from the floor). The cat will quiver his raised tail and tread with his back feet as urine is directed backwards.

Stress can bring on spraying and it is often associated with territorial or competitive behaviour.


Scratching allows your cat to sharpen their claws and also helps them to leave scent markers or a "calling card."

Unfortunately, some cats will choose to sharpen their claws on furniture and think that the back of the sofa is just one giant scratching post!


  • Place a scratching post right next to the furniture the cat is currently scratching
  • Offer a variety of scratching substrates; don’t offer just one carpeted scratching post - try cardboard, logs of wood
  • Deter the cat from scratching furniture by placing double-sided sticky tape on it. Many cats find the stickiness of the tape unpleasant
  • In the case of stress or anxiety in your cat then you can use a pheromone treatment such as Feliway. This product is a good step to reducing your cat's anxiety levels and managing feline spraying.

If your cat is displaying troubling or worrying behaviour then we recommend you seek advice from your local Veterinarian.