It’s a delicious time of year and there’s nothing like getting all those goodies ready for Christmas Day when you can sit around the table and enjoy all your hard work with your friends and family. Unfortunately, several ingredients in all that tasty food that could cause serious repercussions if your fur family sit in on the meal.

Let’s have a quick look at that Chrissy shopping list:

Onions & Garlic
They smell amazing when frying on the stove, but onion and garlic cause destruction of red blood cells and anaemia if eaten in large amounts by our pets. If your pet is showing lethargy or loss of appetite after ingesting these ingredients it can be a sign of high toxicity.

What is Christmas Day without some bubbly or a Christmas cake without some brandy? Make sure to keep it out of paw’s reach as ingesting just a small amount can be fatal to our pets.

Easy to eat and easy to drop. Just make sure your fur friend doesn’t catch any! Grapes and raisins can cause kidney failure, which shows symptoms of vomiting, increased urination and thirst.

This is probably the most widely known toxin to pets. This tasty treat can turn things nasty, inducing signs of vomiting, diarrhoea and seizures in our fur friends at high levels of toxicity. The darker the chocolate is, the worse the symptoms can be – therefore baking chocolate and cocoa powder can actually be more deadly. If you're unsure, check this chocolate toxicity metre.

A more hidden ingredient that is included in baked goods and lollies and causes liver damage and a dangerous drop in blood sugar in dogs. A scientific study revealed only one piece of sugar-free gum containing Xylitol is severely toxic to a 6 kilo dog, making this a big no-no on our list of pet nasties.

If your fur friend is showing unusual symptoms or signs of toxicity have them taken to a Vet or Animal Emergency Centre immediately.