Bravecto/Interceptor Small Dog Bundle Pack (4-11kg dogs)

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SAVE more on your small dogs 6 monthly flea, tick and worming prevention with our great bundle pack


This Bravecto & Interceptor Small Dog bundle pack is suitable for dogs weighing from 4-10/11 kgs and contains active ingredients in the prevention of fleas and ticks (Bravecto) and heartworm, intestinal worms and tapeworm (Interceptor) in dogs.

Provide peace of mind and protect your family and pet from these dangerous parasites with a tasty chew that 94% of dogs love. Purchase Bravecto for dogs 4-11kgs from Pet Guardians. Buy online and save.

APPLICATIONS: Bravecto is a tasty chew ONCE every 3 months with food, whilst Interceptor is a chew on the same date every month with food.

This bundle pack contains 2 x Bravecto Orange 4.5-10kg chews PLUS 1 x Interceptor Green 4-11kg 6 pack.

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More Information
Key Benefits

Easy to administer

Complete parasite control 

Conveniently bundle to protect your pet for 6 months

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