Fido's Flea Bomb

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Fido's Flea Bomb kills adult fleas and prevents them from breeding for up to 9 months.
An insecticide fogger which contains Permethrin to kill adult fleas. Contains the long acting IGR (insect growth regulator) Methoprene which prevents fleas from breeding for up to 9 months. A 125g can treats 2 average rooms (50m2).
More Information
More Information
DisclaimersWarnings: Highly flammable. Store in a cool place out of the sun. Do not spray directly onto humans or pets, exposed food or food utensils. Avoid contact with food. Precautions: Do not spray directly on humans or pets and ensure fish tanks are covered. Remove or cover all exposed food, food utensils and food preparation surfaces before use. Vacate the room immediately the spray commences. Do not re-enter before two hours and then allow to air for 30 minutes. Thoroughly wipe down all food preparation areas on re-entry.