Revolution Dog 2.6 - 5 kg Purple 6 pack

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Want to give your dog heartworm & flea treatment the easy way? You need Revolution for dogs.

Revolution for dogs from 2.6-5 kg, is an easy-to-administer heartworm treatment. Revolution for dogs is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, killing any heartworm larvae throughout the body. External parasites such as fleas are also destroyed.

APPLICATIONS: A spot-on application between the shoulder blades once a month.

FEATURES: Safe for use on puppies at any age. Safe for use on breeding, pregnant and lactating female dogs. Treats Fleas, Flea eggs, Flea larvae, Heartworm, Ear mites & Sarcoptes. Revolution for dogs is quick-drying, non-greasy and odourless. Waterfast - so it can be used on dogs that are shampooed between treatments.

Always ensure pets are completely dry before applying Revolution for dogs.

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