Comfortis Plus

Comfortis Plus Dog Flea and Worming Treatment

The all-in-one protection for your dog!

Comfortis Plus Chewable Tablets for Dogs (previously known as Panoramis) are a tasty, meat-flavoured way to protect your dog against heartworm and common intestinal worms. It is a great tick treament and starts killing fleas rapidly and keep them off for an entire month!

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Keep your pets safe ...

From fleas

Combining two trusted and effective active ingredients (spinosad and milbemycin oxime), Comfortis Plus provides broad spectrum parasite control for up to a month. It starts to work within 30 minutes of oral administration, killing 100% of fleas after 4 hours! The protection continues for a whole month following treatment, preventing reinfestation and helping to control flea allergy dermatitis. It is also recommended in cases where there is flea resistance to existing, older flea treatments.

From heartworm

Monthly treatment with Comfortis Plus prevents heartworm disease from threatening the health of your dog. Heartworm is spread by the common mosquito and there are often no obvious signs of infection until it is too late.

From intestinal worms

Comfortis Plus provides treatment and protection against roundworm, hookworm and whipworm infections. These intestinal worms not only cause illness in dogs, but can also cause infection in humans. Keep your dog and your family safe from these parasites with regular Comfortis Plus treatment.

No mess, no fuss

Unlike spot-on treatments, this chewable tablet does not leave any harmful chemical residue on your pet, which means it is safe to pat, hug and play with your best friend immediately after administration!

The effectiveness of Comfortis Plus tablets is also not affected by swimming or bathing, making it perfect for dogs who love water. Your dog can also be treated while it is wet.

As it is an oral product, there is also no need to exclude your pet from access to any furniture or home fittings because it cannot damage any surfaces or other material in the home.

How to use

Comfortis Plus Chewable Tablets are given orally once a month. Give one chewable tablet to dogs within indicated bodyweight range. For maximum effectiveness, it should be administered with food, although you can also offer it as a treat before feeding. Ensure that the entire dose is consumed.

Comfortis Plus for Dogs is safe for use in puppies older than 8 weeks of age, but we recommend that it be given to dogs from 14 weeks of age and over 2.3kg in body weight. It is not suitable for pregnant, lactating or breeding animals.

For ongoing protection from fleas and worms, use Comfortis Plus every month.