Greenies Dental Chews

Give your dog even more reasons to flash that smile!

Greenies Dental Chews are tasty daily treats that will keep your dog happy while ensuring that their dental needs are met at the same time. It’s delicious and nutritious, and its highly soluble, natural ingredients make it easy to digest.

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Why is oral care important?

Besides reducing bad breath, complete oral care is important for your dog’s total body health and can add years to their lifespan. Plaque and tartar are the two leading contributors of periodontal disease, which is the number one diagnosed disease in pets. If left unchecked, poor dental health could lead to life-threatening conditions such as liver, kidney and heart disease in your dog.

How does Greenies Dental Chews help clean teeth?

Greenies Dental Chews do not use chemicals to reduce plaque and tartar. Instead, its chewy texture allows the teeth to sink in for maximum tooth contact, causing a mechanical scraping and scrubbing of the tooth surface. Its toothbrush-like shape also features ‘bristles’ that create a brushing action as your dog chews the treat.

What is so great about Greenies Dental Chews?

Perfect texture and shape

The chewy texture enables your dog’s teeth to sink in with every bite, allowing a ‘brushing’ action with individual teeth to help reduce tartar and plaque build-up. The contoured shape with rounded edges is also designed to clean hard-to-reach spots, to provide breath-freshening benefits.

Easy to digest

Greenies Dental Chews are made from highly soluble ingredients that help the product to break down quickly for easy digestion. They are also designed with features to encourage dogs to chew off small pieces.

Nutritionally balanced

A blend of high quality proteins fortified with vitamins and minerals make these Dental Chews nutritionally complete and balanced for adult dogs based on AAFCO recommendations. The chews contain natural sources of antioxidants with the addition of vegetable and fruit inclusions, to help promote a healthy immune system.

Clinically proven

Greenies Dental Chews were the first treat to receive the US Veterinary Oral Health Council Seal of Acceptance for control of plaque and tartar build-up. They were specially designed for dog teeth, and were developed by a team of veterinarians, nutritionists and scientists to ensure your pet’s wellbeing.

Independent studies also show that dogs eating one Greenies Dental Chew per day saw 60 percent less tarter build-up and 33 percent less plaque build-up in 28 days, compared to dogs eating dry dog food alone.

Let your pet enjoy better oral health!

One treat a day is all it takes for your dog to have clean teeth, fresh breath, and healthier gums. Say goodbye to plaque and tartar and enjoy the new sparkle in your dog’s smile!

Choose from our variety of Original, Blueberry and Fresh Mint flavours.