I love Pet Guardians because they have everything i need for my Chanel, from shampoo, conditioner, flea/tick control and all their products are safe.

- Judy

I love Pet Guardians because... They really are a God send straight from heaven saving thousands of pensioners in financial need and giving a hand in their pet care in the journey of life, without you many pets would never survive. It’s a credit to you to be able to do that for us.

Sasha has an enzyme problem and needs human CREON TABS to control it other wise she will die. She has a skin condition caused by fleas, grasses and air born pollens. The ANGELS of PET GUARDIANS help me with shampoo’s and flea medication and any thing else I am able to ask of them. Thank you for being there for us. Thanking You so much!

- L McGregor

Hi, My name is Bluebell and I am eight years old. I have epilepsy so Mum and Dad have to buy me medicine that I need to take every day.

Pet Guardians lets Mum and Dad save money on my medicine so they can afford to buy me lots of treats and toys!

- E Porter

Here's my beautiful boy: I'm an old boy named Petey and when I was rescued recently my tummy hurt so much but thanks to the special prescription food I get from pet guardians my tummy is much better and now I'm happy all the time!

- E Young

I love Pet Guardians because...the medicine makes me feel better.

- Love Maddi

I love Pet Guardians because... they are a not for profit organisation who help those in the community struggling with the cost of keeping pets. I also love that the prices are really competitive, so not only am I getting a great price for the products I buy, but it also benefits people who need help. Attached is a photo of Nala. We got Nala 5 years ago from the RSPCA at Noosa. She is a great dog and we love her to pieces.

- Heidi & Nala

Sandy turns 15 this month! The time saved buying his life-extending medications online has given his Mum more time to knit him such a fancy cozy collection!

- Sandy & Shirley

I'm a very happy customer. We live in Far North Qld and love your low prices and especially the free delivery.

- K Hecimovic

Hi I’m Montana. My mom loves to save on worming products with Pet Guardians.

I love Pet Guardians because...they save my Mom Money.

- J Mason

I love Pet Guardians because...I can get everything I need in one place with speedy delivery - food, treats, prescriptions and toys!!!

- J Burnside

I love Pet Guardians because...they help my mum to look after me without breaking the bank!

- R Lark

I love Pet Guardians because... I have heart problems and arthritis. Pet Guardians keep me alive so I can take care of my Mum.....

- Love Sydney

I love Pet Guardians because…they have great items for all animals including puppies with brain damage.

- Love Fleegle

I love Pet Guardians because... My human Mummy can provide me with the best nutritional and hygiene care, with the convenience of on line shopping, allowing her more quality time with me! P.S. I was a malnourished rescue puppy and now I'm a healthy 2 year old. I love my teddy and play time with my stinky rope.

- Toby & Helen

I love Pet Guardians because...the website is easy to use, I can get all the products I need at a good price and the delivery is fast. Very happy that I discovered Pet Guardians as I am a rescuer and need to buy quality products at a competitive costPicture features Jaxon my Staffie X and Dottie Lottie. Two from the zoo of rescued animals.

- S Riley

All our Dry food is purchased from Pet Guardians with free delivery!

Thank you for your expert help with my delivery which arrived yesterday in excellent condition and was securely packed. I always like dealing with angels of all kinds. Thanking You!

- L McGregor